Glow Worm Tunnel (Wollemi NP)

Glow Worm Tunnel Track

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Escape the noisy city life and avoid the busy weekend crowd around the scenic hot spots of the Blue Mountains to follow us to a very peaceful and idyllic part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, the Wollemi National Park with its tranquil Glow Worm Tunnel Track and an historic, 400 meter long railway tunnel lit by thousands of glow worms.

This track is not difficult (Grade 3) but requires good fitness. At present, the usual round walk of 10.7 km (6.4 miles) which takes around four hours, has one section closed, so that we have to walk down the same way which we ascended in our approach to the Glow Worm Tunnel. Length and duration of the walk remains same compared to the round walk. The 400m elevation gain is a good exercise for those who love hiking.

Our interpretive guided tour is designed for 1 to 2 participants as they can sit comfortably in our full electric small SUV (Hyundai Kona) during the journey of 80 km (50 miles) one-way from Katoomba to the west. For a group of 3 or 4 participants, we will use our well equipped turbo-diesel Landcruiser 4WD as long as no large fully electric SUV has become locally available.

Enjoy unspoiled nature and learn about the history, geology, flora and fauna of this gorgeous part of the World Heritage Area. There will also be plenty of opportunities for great photo shots including wild kangaroos and even wombats if we finish our walk shortly before sunset.